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Jobs In Real Estate An Opportunity To Get A Kick Start In Your Career

Posted by AKInfra on 28 Oct 2021

You Are Your Own Boss

Jobs In Real Estate An Opportunity To Get A Kick Start In Your CareerReal Estate is one of the most globally recognised sectors in India. This sector is experiencing an approximate growth of 20 to 25 per annum and will also in the country’s GDP contribute nearly 8 to 9 percent.

 These figures go to 13% of the country’s GDP in 2025 according to IBEF. During COVID-19 the sector of real estate slowed but jobs in it never got less. After corona, once again the real estate sector grew rapidly due to which job opportunities related to it also increased.

Jobs In Real Estate An Opportunity To Get A Kick Start In Your Career


Real Estate is a different type of business where profit percentage is very high but chances of loss are also included. In simple words, real estate is the business of buying and selling different properties.


When talking about making a career in Real estate you are seen only as a property dealer or commission agent, but there are many other functions included in this job as opportunities in this field.


The function includes property management, property manager, real estate investment adviser, land development, rural planner, real estate counsellor, property valuation, and research not only Buying and selling of home, land, industrial property, commercial property, and corporate farmland.


Jobs Option in Real Estate


Residential Real Estate Broker: - A residential real estate broker is a broker who deals in the buying and selling of residential properties.


Commercial Real Estate Broker: - A broker who deals in the buying and selling of hospitals, offices, malls, and other commercial buildings. For this, you must have good knowledge of the current market.


Real Estate Investment Advisers: - These advisers advise people to invest in their properties. They have a very deep knowledge of the real estate market because if they don’t then how they consult you so having very deep knowledge is most important.


Property manager: - The role of property managers is the most important for any real estate company. These property managers are part of a property operation establishment, maintenance work and look after one's investment property. Their job is to rent, lease and deal with guests. For this, you should know how to deal with customers/ guests and negotiate well.


Facility Manager: - Facility managers work across different functions, working in both strategic and functional positions. Facility Managers are professionally assigned for furnishing, maintaining, and developing several different services such as Property strategy, Space management, Structure building, Test and Examination, Building administration, facility planning, Security, Installation Conservation planning, Managing Emendations and refurbishments, etc.


Real estate Analysts: - Real estate Data Analysts have a key role in giving insights into the company. They do market research and business analysis to provide insights that minimize losses and maximize profit. The analyst requires deep knowledge and understanding of real estate and economics/ statistics of the current scenario in real estate.


Benefits in Real Estate as a Career: - 

● You Are Your Own Boss

● Makes a good income.

● Flexible work Schedules.

● Help people in their property investment.


Real Estate Courses: -

● Property Management

● Real Estate Business Management

● Real Estate Marketing

● Chartered Real Estate Professional

● Graphic Designer

● Digital Marketing

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